Monday, February 13, 2012

my hair cut. the story

If you follow this blog, then you know my hair pain. My stylist left in June/July to relocate, and I have been on the hunt for someone that could cut and style my hair. I have tried 3 stylist since she left, and didn’t find anyone that fit her shoes. Don’t get me wrong. The other 3 were very talented, but when you find that one stylist that KNOWS your hair, you become attached. Not only is Monica (my stylist) talented, but she is the sweetest person ever.Check this useful information on how to become a fashion designer.

Well. I received a text last week from guess who? MONICA!!!!!! She is moving back, and is starting to see clients again starting every two weeks (with Saturday being the first). My first words to her were:


I told her I didn’t have much hair to work with because I was trying out other stylists, so I hoped she would be able to do something with it. I sat in the chair with no plan, she didn’t have one either. I became very frustrated and upset with myself because I felt I would leave there without taking advantage of the appointment.

In my heart, I longed for the MIA FARROW, EMMA WATSON, and MICHELLE WILLIAMS cut. I have wanted it for years, but was just to scared. After coming from the dryer, I pulled their pictures up on my phone, and we agreed to go for it. Since my hair was already short, CUT IT OFF --- I SAID! She CUT, AND CUT, AND CUT…A LOT OF HAIR. The awesome thing? There was no need to flat iron my hair, except my duck tail. The cut is one that I can dry (hooded dryer), and finger comb. So there you have it. My new SHORTER CUT that I love.

*Outside photos are Sunday, and inside photos are Saturday*









Now I just need more great earrings…I am excited to find them too..

High Fives &Hugs,



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

I was the only black kid in all of the 3rd grade classes in my Catholic School in 198(?). One day there was a talent show announcement, and a special teacher (Mrs. Guerra) who asked me about my favorite singer. It was Whitney Houston. When “THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL” hit the radio, I was in aww. I made my Granny buy me the album, and I stared at it for minutes and minutes at a time in our living room. I wondered who she was, where was she, what was she thinking, and thought how beautiful she was, all from an album cover. Soothing was her voice to me, and she became my first idol.  In my school, I was her, and won that talent show singing the above noted song. I can still see it. The stage, the dress, the shoes, the crowd…and hearing the music play.

Rest in peace finally Miss Whitney. We are jamming your music in our house right now, and thinking of all the great memories you have left us with.


…one final video that I must add. This song makes me cry every single time I hear it. They just played it and I cried. I wrote the lyrics down when I was dating my husband, and gave them to him. She sang about the man being all that she needed with such passion, and the words represented exactly how I felt about my man.

This is what music does for us. We all have a song.

My prayers are with her Daughter, Mother, and all of those that loved her.


Friday, February 10, 2012


Just because I cant help myself. We are huge fans of “THE CARTERS” and are so happy to see this couple evolve into a bigger family with their new baby. What makes this even better, they passed up dollars and decided to introduce their child to the world their way. Which was via Jay’s blog. GET IT CARTERS!









and a little extra. Here is Beyoncé as a baby. Same straight black hair.

The décor demon in me wants to know how beautiful the home is….


images from her Dads blog. Jay Z.--- Oh and she has a tumblr page to. See here.

Timex easy reader original

I know what your saying. Another watch Tam? Well..this is the LAST ONE. This watch was featured in the Nordstrom catalog, and when I say it made my 7 1/2’s go pitter patter. They indeed did. This is the:


I placed myself on the waiting list for this watch, and questioned if the order would be filled. Well thank goodness it was because it looks great. There are no bells or whistles with this watch. Simple style, at an affordable price. It also has the indiglo feature so it lights up blue at night should you need to see. The “boyfriend” look is very popular right now, but I would not put this watch in the “trendy” category. Looking at it, you can see its more traditional than trendy for sure.











Timex® 'Easy Reader' Black Case Leather Strap WatchTimex® 'Easy Reader' Black Case Leather Strap Watch



Dooney & Bourke Domed Buckle Satchel


Timex® 'Easy Reader' Black Case Leather Strap Watch

(Modeling images:  Nordstrom's)

All the watches below are apart of the Easy Reader Originals Line. Very good pricing at $60.


So are you a fan of the simple easy reader?

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

sofa sofa sofa

Finding a sofa that works best in our home has been one of the hardest tasks. Some people think its so easy to just get a sofa, when really its not. You have to consider….

  • USE --- For guests, sitting, maybe T.V.
  • KIDS (IF YOU HAVE THEM)--- For friends (snacking across the way at the table).
  • COLOR --- Either a gray or ink blue color.
  • LENGTH --- I am thinking 75-85 inches.
  • QUALITY --- DURABLE. I want this sofa to last us for at least 7 years.

In the past, we used our sofa in the den to watch movies, chill, and even sleep from time to time. Seriously, my kids never slept in their rooms when we first moved in. They were sofa sleepers, but they had beds. Now that they are OLDER there will be no sleeping on the sofa. The first thing my son asked is “Will I be able to sleep on it”…. UMMM-NO!

So, below is where I am in my head.














So there is my mental sofa pin board. Mr. Styles is leaving this one up to me, and I am tired of saying I am unsure although I really am. For fun…these would make my heart pump.




Abbott Sofa

Can any of you speak to the quality of the sofa picks?

High Fives & Hugs,


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OPI Pink Friday

I have been on the hunt for the right pink polish, and finally it arrived. I wanted something really pink, but not sheer and proper. I wanted full coverage fun, and that’s what I got. This is from the Nicki Minaj collection for OPI.

025 (2)


029 (2)

And here it is on a lighter skin tone via NAIL GALORE.


Do you have a perfect pink polish that works for you?

High Fives & Hugs,


survey feedback

If your looking for the feedback post. It has now been put on ICE.  I appreciate the comments, and support of those that ENJOY this blog. I am thankful to everyone that encourages me, and enjoys what I put out. Although blogging is easy, it still comes with everyday reality. There is a GNAT (or GNATS) that fly through every once in a while, but bug spray is easily found in the form of my wonderful readers. You guys left some wonderful comments on the survey, and have given me a great insight to who’s reading G.I.G.S.

I cant say THANK YOU enough for rolling with Tam. Lets see what’s next.